Posted by: wadahp | October 6, 2009


This past summer, DAHP procedures and policies were scrutinized by auditors to assess how well the agency was meeting security standards as required by the State’s Information Services Board (ISB). The security audit is required of state agencies every 3 years and was the first such review of DAHP’s operations since establishment of the Department in 2005.

The auditor’s final report concluded that DAHP was in full compliance with all 94 requirements established by the ISB in its Information Technology Security Policy and Information Technology Security Standards. DAHP’s Records Manager Rick Anderson breathed a big sigh of relief at the end of the audit stating: “Given the sensitive nature of some of our databases, especially those holding archaeological site data, it is very important that DAHP’s technology systems are safe and secure. This is solid confirmation that we are on the right path in that regard.”

The audit scrutinized the security of its electronic databases, internet applications, networks, and access as well as the physical security of DAHP offices and computer hardware. It also addressed a disaster plan and business recovery plan in the event DAHP’s offices are affected by a disaster such as fire, earthquake, or flooding. DAHP’s high performance on the audit is attributable to the dedication and work of staff members Rick Anderson, Loren Doolittle, and Annie Strader. The audit was conducted by the Technology Solutions Group of the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges.


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