Posted by: wadahp | October 6, 2009


New PDF Requirement

For those of you who have been enjoying viewing properties and survey reports on our new web portal, you may have noticed the difference in the readability and resolution between a scanned paper document and a pdf version of the same document.  The electronic (pdf) versions retain their original colors and high resolution graphics, whereas the scanned paper versions have been sent through a machine much like a copier, and only reproduce in black and white. 

Therefore, effective November 2nd, we are requiring all reports be submitted with both an unbound paper version and a PDF version on a labeled CD.  This will enable all of us to see the reports at their crisp, clean best.  The vast majority of you do this voluntarily already.  If you have questions about this requirement, please do not hesitate to contact us.



  1. I can understznd the PDF, but why the CD. For small sites and reports (which most of DNR’s are) this is a terrific waste of time, money and plastic. What are the standards for labeling? Scotch tape? Magic marker? Crayon?

  2. Lee – This is a temporary measure while we develop a means of electronically uploading archaeological site forms and survey reports. While this may seem cumbersome now it will eventually go away. It has to do with folks sending us multiple copies of reports that are sometimes very different, making it tough for us to discern the final. As for the use of crayon for labeling….please make sure that each letter is in a different color (jk)…just check with Morgan. Magic marker, however, is definately out.

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