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The Annual "Wyoming vs. The World" Softball Game

The Annual "Wyoming vs. The World" Softball Game

The Planning Association of Washington (PAW) in cooperation with Western Planner has set their 2010 annual conference for Vancouver on August 10-13. This event will bringland use planners from 14 western states to Washington for three days of presentations, workshops, tours, and special events. A highlight of every Western Planner conference is the annual Wyoming vs. the World softball game, a tradition since conferences were first held 30 years ago in 1980. In Vancouver, the Western Planner game will be held in conjunction with Fort Vancouver National Historic Site’s famous vintage baseball series. Theseevents, held on the Parade Ground at Historic Vancouver Barracks recreates baseball games from the 19th century. More information about the conference will be coming out later this fall and registration materials in early 2010. For more information, contact Greg Griffith at 360-586-3073 or



  1. We are interested in knowing if you are having a call for abstracts or proposals for this conference.
    Please let us know if so and what the due date for that is.
    Thank you,

  2. Can you please send info on your abstracts or proposal deadlines for this conference.
    Thank you,
    Lorraine Titus

    • Hi Lorraine – Here is the info from the Planning Association of Washington’s web site:

      Call for speakers and session leaders! The Planning Association of Washington is putting out a call for speakers and session leaders for the 2010 Lasting Legacies on Living Landscapes joint WPR/PAW conference in Vancouver, Washington, which is scheduled for August 10-13, 2010. Please contact Lisa Parks at or any board member listed on our website with your contact information and what you are interested in. We currently have the following tracks identified – Lasting Legacies, Transportation, Living Landscapes, Mobile workshops, and Short Course on Local Planning.

      Their web site is….I’d suggest contacting them directly. Thanks!

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