Posted by: wadahp | December 1, 2009


The National Park Service’s 2010 workshop on archaeological prospection techniques entitled Current Archaeological Prospection Advances for Non-Destructive Investigations in the 21st Century will be held May 24-28, 2010, at the Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site near Stanton, North Dakota. Lodging will be in the in the communities of Beulah, Hazen, and Riverdale, North Dakota. The field exercises will take place at the Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site. The park preserves the historic and archeological remnants of the culture and agricultural lifestyle of the Northern Plains Indians during the 18th and 19th centuries. Co-sponsors for the workshop include the National Park Service and the State Historical Society of North Dakota. This will be the twentieth year of the workshop dedicated to the use of geophysical, aerial photography, and other remote sensing methods as they apply to the identification, evaluation, conservation, and protection of archaeological resources across this Nation. The workshop will present lectures on the theory of operation, methodology, processing, and interpretation with on-hands use of the equipment in the field. There is a registration charge of $475.00. Application forms are available on the Midwest Archeological Center’s website.

For further information, please contact:
Steven L. DeVore, Archeologist, National Park Service
Midwest Archeological Center
Federal Building, Room 474
100 Centennial Mall North
Lincoln, Nebraska 68508-3873
tel: (402) 437-5392, ext. 141; fax: (402) 437-5098

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