Posted by: wadahp | January 28, 2010


The Evergreen School District’s YES TV program recently featured Clark County Historical Museum’s Artifacts Detective project created using Certified Local Government pass through money. This 5.43 minute piece demonstrates the curriculum developed between the Clark County Historical Museum and the Evergreen School District based on historic archaeological finds on the site of Vancouver’s convention center.

The grant partnered two teachers with a local archaeologist to develop the curriculum as well as put together archaeology “kits” for students in grades 4th through 12th containing non-culturally sensitive materials recovered from the convention center site.  It shows how the museum’s collection is accessible and relevant in the classroom. Janet Dondelinger, a 4th grade teacher at Pioneer Elementary and Tyler Morgan of Camas High School worked with Jessica Hale, the archaeologist from Applied Archaeological Research, Inc. on the project. 

The project was funded to Clark County through the Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation’s CLG grants – our annual pass-through of 10% of our federal award each year.  Clark County partnered with the Clark County Historical Museum to complete the project.

Check out the video here.



  1. This is a great program. Thanks for posting it Megan!

  2. Yay, Clark County Museum!

  3. Wonderful piece of work, well done. These ideas and examples have additive value and are being adopted further afield than you may anticipate.

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