Posted by: wadahp | March 10, 2010

Society for Commercial Archeology – Call for Papers/Presentations

“Odyssey in the Ozarks” – Join your friends at the Society for Commercial Archeology (SCA) conference in Fayetteville, Arkansas on October 6-9, 2010.  Enjoy the rugged and rustic landscape of the Ozarks and witness the roadside legacy along U.S. Highway 62 and the City of Eureka Springs and U.S. Highway 71 through the Boston Mountains. 

The SCA conference will include paper sessions and our legendary tours.  Prospective speakers are encouraged to submit abstracts on topics exploring how the area’s natural environment has affected tourism and road development, automobile culture in the South, including historic roadside, tourist facilities (restaurants, gas stations and motels) and tourism sites.  However, any topics related to the 20th century commercial landscape are welcome.

To propose a conference presentation, please submit a typewritten abstract of no more than 250 words and provide the following information: title of presentation, name of speaker, occupation, business mailing address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail address, and text of abstract. Include a brief resume.  More than one abstract may be submitted.  Typical presentation length will be 20 minutes.  Two guiding principles in making a presentation at an SCA conference are, make it visual and make it fun!

Mail abstracts by May 31, 2010 to:

Call for Papers/Presentations
Christina Slattery, Secretary
Society for Commercial Archeology
PO Box 45828
Madison, WI  53744-5828
Or email to:


Don’t miss the Odyssey in the Ozarks and this landmark gathering!  Conference registration information will be coming late spring/early summer at their website. For more information about the conference, places to stay, or cool things to see along the way, contact Ralph Wilcox at  See you in Arkansas!

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