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What Is New Dollars/New Partners for Your Sacred Place Training?

New Dollars/New Partners for Your Sacred Place is an innovative training program available to congregations with older or historic buildings.

New Dollars/New Partners is offered by Partners for Sacred Places, the only national organization providing practical help on property care and stewardship to congregations with older religious properties. This training combines the best of the resources, techniques, and knowledge developed by Partners since 1989, and is the only one of its kind to focus on community-serving congregations with older and historic properties.

Partners has developed a strong expertise on fundraising for older religious properties since its founding in 1989. Partners’ Complete Guide to Capital Campaigns for Historic Churches and Synagogues, is considered the definitive book on the subject. Partners has also gathered together the nation’s largest clearinghouse of practical information on the development of capital funds for older and historic sacred places.

Partners’ staff has extensive experience in developing and leading seminars, workshops and conferences on capital fundraising. It has conducted national and statewide preservation conference workshops, continuing education courses at seminaries, seven national Sacred Trusts conferences held across the country, as well as the Institute for Properties at Risk.

Partners’ staff will be joined during the year-long training program, of four day long workshops, by specialized fundraising consultants with in-depth experience in capital campaigns for religious properties, as well as faculty from the Asset Based Community Development Institute.

Who Participates In The Training?

Congregations will benefit from the training if:

  • They have a sacred place 50+ years old
  • Their capital needs are beyond the financial capability of the congregation
  • They want to deepen their community connections
  • They want to use their buildings more effectively

Each training course will include four leaders (senior clergy and lay leaders with responsibility for property, outreach, and finance/fundraising) from 8 to 12 congregations that want to find new ways to fund and support their older or historic buildings.

What Will Congregations Learn?

New Dollars/New Partners is the nation’s only program that provides practical help to congregations with older and historic buildings on how to broaden and diversify the circles of donors and partners who can support the care and good use of their property. The four module training will include:

  • Strategies for building support from congregational members and generating new sources of capital funds from the larger community
  • Writing a strong case statement for funding support
  • Organizing to carry out a capital campaign
  • Developing an action plan that will help the congregation meet its fundraising goals after the training is over

The Seminary Project

New Dollars/New Partners Seminary Project assists schools of theology to provide learning experience for seminarians and continuing education students. Please click here to see the feature article from our Winter 2008 issue of Sacred Places, the magazine of Partners for Sacred Places

The first project was in June of 2008 at Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphia.

If you are interested in scheduling New Dollars/New Partners for Your Sacred Place, please contact Elizabeth Terry, Director of Training.



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