Posted by: wadahp | March 29, 2010


The King County Road Services Division has recently released its Heritage and Scenic Corridors Report that also serves as a guide to 9 corridors identified and designated as King County Heritage and Scenic Cooridors by the Roads Division in coordination with the King County Landmarks Commission. Less a report and more like a tour guide, the document describes the historic and scenic characteristics of each corridor plus maps, historic context, and key features of the corridors. The document also features excellent photos of preserved landscapes, tree-lined roads, and historic sites…not a strip mall or sound barrier wall in sight!

Limited copies of the report and dvds are available, but the materials may also be downloaded from the project website.

Congratulations on this effort go to Project Manager Ruth Harvey and staff at the King County Roads Division as well as King County Landsmarks Commission and Historic Preservation Officer Julie Koler, plus 4 Culture, the County’s cultural services agency. Project funding provided by the Federal Transportation Enhancement grant program administered by the State Department of Transportation


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