Posted by: wadahp | April 1, 2010


Tracy Fortman, Superintendent of the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site, has announced initiation of a master planning process and preparation of an Environmental Assessment for the East and South Vancouver Barracks.

This announcement marks a major step forward in the process to transfer the historic East and South Barracks from ownership by the U.S. Army Reserve to the National Park Service for long-term preservation, interpretation, and management. The East and South Barracks are adjacent to the Fort Vancouver NHS as well as the West Barracks and Officer’s Row that have already been transferred to the City of Vancouver. And all are part of the larger Vancouver National Historic Reserve.

All interested parties are invited to provide comments on the scope of the Environmental Assessment. Comments may be submitted online at this website or by mailing comments to: Fort Vancouver National Historic Site, 612 East Reserve Street, Vancouver 98661. The public is also invited to attend one of two meetings scheduled for Wednesday, April 7 at noon or at 6:00 pm. The meetings will be held at the historic Red Cross Building, 605 Barnes Street on the Reserve. Information may also be obtained by calling 360-816-6212.

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