Posted by: wadahp | May 17, 2010


What: “How To” Demonstrations at Washington Hall – Wood Window Repair: Martin Muller, Double-hung Window Restoration

When: Saturday, June 5, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

Where: Washington Hall, 153 14th Avenue (one block north of E.Yesler at E. Fir Street)

Cost:  $10 general public, $8 Historic Seattle members; $5 students

Historic Seattle’s 2010 Preserving Your Old House program uses its newly purchased building, Washington Hall, as a “get dirty” space to demonstrate how to repair plaster work, refinish wood work and paint, and repair windows. Join us for the final program in a three-part series as Martin Muller shows restoration and repair techniques on the signature fanlight window above the entrance to Washington Hall.

Since 1998 Martin Muller has been restoring wood double-hung windows in the greater Seattle area.The goal is to keep our historic windows, often made from old-growth fir, out of the landfill. Typical restoration includes making both upper and lower sash functional, replacing ropes, epoxy repairs to deteriorating or loose corners, re-glazing, replacing missing components, and weather- stripping if needed. The goal is to get the window as close to original condition as possible. If a sash is beyond repair, Double-hung Window Restoration works with local mill shops that fabricate exact replicas, so the building’s original character is maintained.

Register at or call (206) 622-6952.


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