Posted by: wadahp | June 30, 2010


The popular Seattle daily, is known for its thoughtful stances on issues in the Pacific Northwest, and provides award winning coverage of preservation issues in Washington State.

However, a June 30, 2010 article  has got the facts all wrong! The article, by Joe Follansbee, accuses DAHP of delaying the release of the Maritime Heritage Area Feasibility Study.

Rest assured, preservationists, no such conspiracy has transpired here! While a draft feasibility study has been available for months, DAHP released the completed study within days of receiving it.

The physical study was delivered to DAHP by consultants a couple of days after its due date, on June 3. There were some problems with the printers which delayed delivery to DAHP. The next business day, DAHP sent out the feasibility study to the steering committee and others.

The final electronic copy was completed and delivered to DAHP on June 22. Diligent efforts by Megan Duvall and Michael Houser had the large document on this blog and our website within hours!

DAHP is saddened at the lack of due diligence by’s staff. The article falsely paints a picture of a lack of support for a Maritime Heritage Area. In fact, as outlined in the study, there is widespread support. We’re working hard to get an apology from the website and a correction of the misrepresentation.


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