Posted by: wadahp | June 30, 2010


Cort Communications generously gave a free registration to National Alliance of Preservation Commissions Forum 2010 to Geoffrey Talkington, a commissioner from Harrington, Washington (the state’s newest and smallest, CLG),!  Cort Communications is joining in the effort begun at DAHP last month to grant $1000 each to five commission and staff members of various Certified Local Governments (Centralia, Harrington, Seattle, Tacoma and Longview) to help them pay for travel, conference expenses, etc. – all in an effort to get them to Grand Rapids, Michigan for this important conference.  The NAPC’s biennial Forum is a wonderful opportunity for over 500 historic preservation staff and commissioners from across the country to convene to talk about issues specific to them.  DAHP has given CLG scholarships to this conference in 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2010.

The NAPC is the only organization devoted solely to representing the nation’s preservation design review commissions. NAPC provides technical support and manages an information network to help local commissions accomplish their preservation objectives. The Alliance also serves as an advocate at federal, state and local levels of government to promote policies and programs that support preservation commission efforts.  National Commission Forum – biennial conference sponsored and organized by the NAPC. The Inaugural Forum was in Denver 1998, second in Pittsburgh in 2000, San Antonio in 2002, Indianapolis in 2004, Baltimore in 2006, and New Orleans in 2008. Forum provides a unique interactive format where participants not only discuss the issues but develop the solutions as well.



  1. I really valued my opportunity years ago to receive a stipend to attend the NAPC conference in Denver as a rep for the Clark County Historic Preservation Commission. Thank you, Lisbeth, for helping make this possible.

  2. It was my pleasure! As in my work with nonprofits across the country, I firmly believe in the power of training and networking with peers to bring new information, ideas and energy to the local level. Couldn’t be more pleased to have helped WA’s newest CLG get to Forum 2010.

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