Posted by: wadahp | July 15, 2010


You are invited to submit your transportation and environmental research ideas to the Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO via the Transportation and Environmental Research Ideas (TERI) Database. The TERI database is a “one stop” location for keeping track of transportation practitioners’ research ideas across the environmental spectrum. It has become a valuable resource for organizations that fund, conduct, and utilize research.

Each year, AASHTO makes a special request for new research ideas to be submitted into the TERI database. Once fresh ideas have been gathered, the Center for Environmental Excellence will work with AASHTO’s Standing Committee on Environment (SCOE),  the Climate Change Steering Committee  and FHWA to select and refine a group of the best ideas listed in TERI and recommend them for funding through the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP).

Last year, AASHTO used the TERI database to put forward sixteen research ideas for funding through NCHRP, including thirteen ideas for the quick turnaround, environmentally-focused NCHRP “25-25” program (research that can be completed in less than one year and under $100,000) and three ideas for funding as full-scale NCHRP projects, which typically range from $200,000 to $750,000 and take two to three years to complete. Two of the full-scale NCHRP projects and six of the 25-25 studies were selected for funding. 

You can access the TERI database and submit your research ideas and by clicking on the following link, On the webpage you will find a template for submitting research ideas, please be sure to include a clear title, a detailed scope and information about the approximate timeframe and budget.

The Center will be accepting TERI research ideas through Friday, July 30th. If you are unable to make the deadline, you may still submit your ideas, but they will not be considered for recommendation to NCHRP in this cycle.

In addition to submitting your own ideas, we hope you will share this notice widely with your colleagues and ask them to submit ideas. If you have any questions, please call Jillian Barber at 202.624.5807.Thank you for helping us identify promising environmental research ideas.


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