Posted by: wadahp | August 4, 2010

National Historic Landmarks 2010 Photo Contest

In 2010, the National Park Service celebrates the eleventh anniversary of the National Historic Landmark Photo Contest. The past decade has brought them over 1,000 incredible images from almost every state in the union. These images were submitted by people from all walks of life who care for and cherish these special places that represent our American story. Many images were submitted by owners or caretakers. Many others were submitted by visitors, both from the United States and abroad.

The contest name, “Imaging Our National Heritage” encourages people to use their cameras to capture the meaning of the National Historic Landmark in a photo. We hope you’re inspired to visit our nation’s National Historic Landmarks, seek out the stories that have formed our American history, and create your own image to share.

On this, the 11th anniversary, they hope to welcome hundreds of outstanding photos, many picturing landmarks that have not previously been part of the contest. National Park Service employees nationwide will vote to select the winning images.
For the first time, they will be administering the NHL Photo Contest through our Group on Flickr. Please click here to join the fun.



  1. Does this include those places listed in the Nat’l Reg. of Historic Sites?

  2. I see the story on the NHL 2010 Photo Contest but no link to submit to the contest. Can you help?

  3. There is a link in the story, see the last sentence that says “click here” – I believe that you have to join the flickr group and then can submit a photo. Hope this helps!

  4. Nancy: It does not include National Register sites — only National Historic Landmarks. You can check the NHL database here:

    (A site like “The John Doe House” needs to be entered as “Doe, John” — you’re better off entering one keyword and the state)

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