Posted by: wadahp | August 24, 2010


The Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation (DAHP) is working with University of Washington Architecture Professor Kathryn Merlino on a study demonstrating the linkage between historic preservation rehabilitation and sustainability. The impetus for this study was articulated in the 2009-2013 state historic preservation plan Sustaining Communities through Historic Preservation.

At this point in the study’s development, we are looking for examples of historic buildings that have been rehabilitated according to preservation standards and also demonstrate sustainable building practices and increase energy efficiency. The goal is to use good examples in the report that showcase historic preservation and sustainability as case studies.

If you are aware of examples of rehab projects that would be suitable to include in the study, please contact Greg Griffith at or Kathryn Merlino at In suggesting a project for the study, please consider the following criteria:

1) Rehabilitation work must be completed.

2) Rehabilitation work must meet the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation.

3) Data and/or information must be available that documents the project’s sustainability measures, energy efficiencies/savings as well as noteworthy preservation measures.

4) Historic buildings that have a historic designation are preferred, but is not a requirement.

5) Projects in Washington State are a priority but good examples of rehabilitation projects from elsewhere are welcome.

6) Rehabilitation projects that demonstrate sustainability while preserving windows are of special interest.



  1. Our project fits the sustainable rehab project, however, it is not complete. We are going to be LEED certified and historic. If this study continues for the next few years, we would love to have our building involved.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Karen,
      Would you please email me at
      Thank you,
      Kathryn R. Merlino

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