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Seattle, WA — December 8, 2010 in cooperation with the National Park Service, Pacific West Region

Discuss the process and practice of using sustainable preservation strategies for historic structures. The environmental goal of “reduce, reuse, recycle” can enhance the capital cost competitiveness of preservation projects. Review the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards used to assess building performance. Focus on preservation challenges relating to energy efficiency, windows, lighting, indoor air quality, HVAC, and local and national codes and regulations. An agenda is available online.

Instructor. Ralph DiNola, AAIA, LEED faculty and principal, Green Building Services, Inc., specializing on greening historic projects by seeking LEED certification and using an integrated design process; actively involved in bringing the historic preservation and green building movements together

 Registration. A registration form is available online at The registration rate is $325.

 AIA/CES. AIA members will receive 6 learning units each day for designated seminars that meet the criteria for programs in the American Institute of Architects Continuing Education System.


Jere Gibber, Executive Director

National Preservation Institute

P.O. Box 1702, Alexandria, VA 22313

703/765-0100; 703/768-9350 fax;

The National Preservation Institute, a nonprofit organization founded in 1980, educates those involved in the management, preservation, and stewardship of our cultural heritage. The 2010/2011 National Preservation Institute seminar schedule and agendas are available online here .


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