Posted by: wadahp | November 16, 2010


The Vernacular Architecture Forum seeks nominations for the Paul E. Buchanan Award. Instituted in 1993, this award recognizes contributions to the study and preservation of vernacular architecture and the cultural landscape that did not take the form of books or published work. This so-called “gray literature” includes the well-researched and written reports, projects, plans, studies, National Register nominations, and exhibits that scholars produce each year but receive little commendation. Named for Paul E. Buchanan who worked for over thirty years as Director of Architectural Research at Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, this award recognizes excellence in architectural fieldwork and honors the valuable but often unacknowledged work that most VAF members and professional associates perform.

Projects completed in the last two years are eligible for consideration and may include, but are not limited to:

* Architectural Recording Projects (including HABS/HAER/HALS)

* Historic Structures Reports

* Cultural Resource Surveys

* Historic Designation Studies (including National Register and National Historic Landmark)

* Preservation Plans

* Restoration Projects

* Furnishing Plans and Installations

* Exhibits and Other Temporary Installations

* Permanent Museum Exhibits

* Visual Arts Presentations (e.g. drawing, painting, photography, 3-D media)

* Film and Video Presentations

* Computer Applications and Modeling

* Educational and Interpretive Programs

* Symposia, Conferences, and Public Events

The 2011 Deadline for applications is January 15. The Award will be announced at the annual conference.

For more information, please contact Janet Ore at or visit their website.


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