Posted by: wadahp | December 22, 2010


The Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation is placing a January 31, 2011 deadline for submission of Historic Property Inventory (HPI) forms from the MS Access database.  After January 31, we will only accept forms completed on our online HPI system.  If you have forms in the Access database, they can be sent to Megan Duvall, Survey Program Manager, by email at or on a cd via the mail.  Forms that are not yet complete can be imported into the online system and finished there.

If you have not yet signed up for the HPI service but will be completing Historic Property Inventory forms for DAHP in the future, feel free to set up your Secure Access Washington (SAW) account now.  Just refer to the Creating a SAW Account Tutorial and follow that with the Requesting Access to HPI Tutorial for more information on how to set that up.  Remember – you can already search for existing Historic Property Inventory forms by using our WISAARD database available via our website.  The HPI service is only if you will be creating new inventory forms – it is not a research tool.

Thanks for your understanding that we need to close out any support on the old Access database and concentrate our efforts on our new, online system.



  1. Is the U.S. Columbia River Quarantine Station listed in the HPI? The site is on the National Register of Historic Sites (1980). A non-profit was formed in 2005 (Knappton Cove Heritage Center)- all volunteer and houses a free museum in the historic quarantine hospital on the site and dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of the layers of history at Knappton Cove with an emphasis on Pacific NW Immigration and the role of the Public Health Service at the Station.

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