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Washington State Historical Society Awards
Nomination Deadline has been extended to February 24, 2011



The Washington State Historical Society invites nominations for its annual awards recognizing excellence in advancing the field of history in the state of Washington through writing, teaching, historic projects, understanding cultural diversity and voluntarism. Help honor those who work to advance the Society’s mission “to make the study of history in Washington illuminating and inspiring” by nominating candidates for the following awards: David Douglas Award, Governor’s Award for Teaching History in Washington State, Peace and Friendship Awards, and the Robert Gray Medal. Awards are presented each year at the Society’s annual meeting in June 2011.


Nominations are due February 24, 2011.

Nomination Instructions:

  1. All nominations and supporting materials must be submitted by regular mail. Ten (10) copies of nominations and supporting materials are required.
  2. Multiple nominations are welcome, but separate letters for each nomination are required.
  3. For each award, send a separate, one-page letter of nomination detailing the individual or organization’s contributions and achievements during 2010 related to the specific award (Robert Gray Medal nominations should detail lifetime contributions and may be up to two pages long).
  4. To each letter of nomination, attach on a separate page a two-paragraph summary of the nominee and reasons for winning that may be read at the awards presentation.
  5. Each nomination may include no more than two (2) letters of support, each of which must follow the format outlined here and must be submitted via regular mail by the deadline.
  6. On each nomination and letter of support, include the name, organizational affiliation, address, phone number and email of both the nominator and nominee.
  7. Supporting material may be included with the nomination where appropriate; for example, copies of a DVD being nominated for an award. These materials must be sent to the Awards office via regular mail, and 10 copies of each piece must be included. Please note that book nominations are not accepted.

WSHS Awards
211 – 21st Avenue SW
Olympia, WA 98501

For further information about the awards program, contact Society Awards Committee staff member:

Shanna Stevenson
State Capital Museum and Outreach Center
211 – 21st Avenue SW
Olympia, WA 98501
(360) 360-586-0171
(360) 586-8322 – fax

Awards include:David Douglas Award: Recognizes the significant contribution of an individual or an organization through projects, exhibits, educational products or any other vehicle that informs or expands appreciation of any field of Washington State history during the previous year. Book nominations are not permitted. The winner receives a framed certificate and David Douglas pin.

Robert Gray Medal The highest award bestowed by the Washington State Historical Society, the Robert Gray Medal recognizes distinguished and long-term contributions to Pacific Northwest history through demonstrated excellence in one or more of the following areas: teaching, writing, research, historic preservation, and service to local historical societies. The winner receives a framed Robert Gray Medal with certificate.

Governor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching History: Presented to an outstanding certified teacher of Pacific Northwest history in an accredited K-12 school in Washington or to a nonprofit organization. The awards committee welcomes nominations of persons who demonstrate effective teaching by any measure of excellence. This may include, but is not limited to the use and development and an innovative curriculum, consistent effectiveness in utilizing Pacific Northwest history in either the classroom or the community over an extended period of time, the advancement of Pacific Northwest history as a field of academic inquiry, a lasting impact on students, the use or development of innovative technology, and the encouragement of Pacific Northwest themes in History Day presentations. The award includes $750 and a Gold Star of recognition.

Peace and Friendship Awards (1975): Presented to a Native American and a second individual, each of whom have advanced public understanding of the cultural diversity of the peoples of Washington State. Winners receive a framed President Jefferson Peace and Friendship Medal with certificate. If nominating for both awards, submit separate nomination materials.


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