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Primary Position Duties

The primary purpose of this position is to provide professional, legal and regulatory review of Federal or State projects, federally funded, licensed or permitted projects as to impacts on historic and archaeological resources. Provides technical and professional expertise in the field of archaeology. Is a staff person for Federal program areas: Archaeological Review and Compliance. Is support staff for areas: Comprehensive Planning (archaeology); Survey & Inventory (archaeology); National Register (archaeology). Assists in developing, maintaining, implementing, and administering the state archaeological permit program.

Develops, maintains, implements and administers the Review and Compliance Program for archaeological resources.

  • Reviews reports, site forms, maps, photos, and graphic exhibits for accuracy and completeness.
  • Evaluates survey design of project against map data patterns and against agreements with federal, state, county and local agencies, and evaluates survey reports against established state and federal laws and standards.
  • Evaluates survey and testing reports and site documentation and comments on determinations of eligibility for prehistoric or historic archaeological sites for listing in the National Register of Historic Places.
  • Evaluates agency determinations of project effects on historic or archaeological sites and provides appropriate comments, including recommendations for alternatives that would minimize or avoid adverse effects.
  • Evaluates or develops, administers, and implements research designs for data recovery projects to mitigate impacts to archaeological sites according to professional, legal and regulatory standards. Consults with federal, state tribal, local agencies, and private individuals to develop appropriate treatment or planning measures for impacts to archaeological properties. Maintains documentation on data recovery projects, their legal status and final outcome.
  • Responds to telephone and written requests for information or technical assistance to federal and state agencies, Indian Tribes, paid consultants and private industry on proper legal, regulatory, and professional standards and procedures.
  • Certifies that federal, state, county, local and private industry projects are in compliance with federal laws and rules governing the administration of federally assisted programs. The position has the authority to recommend withdrawal of operating permits to the director, if projects are not in compliance.
  • Maintains review and compliance project logs and tracking systems including data entry into computer files to ensure State Historical files are accurate.

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