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Save Windows, Save Dollars, Save History

Date:  March 5, 2011, 9:00am

Location:  La Grande, Oregon, Bronson’s Lumber, window shop.

For: tradespeople, contractors, building owners, homeowners

Learn how to repair, maintain and upgrade existing wooden windows to save more energy and more dollars than replacement windows.

Morning Talk and Slide Show:

– The complete step-by-step procedure to restore a window and make it last another 100 years.

– Lowest cost spot repairs and ongoing maintenance.

– Upgrades to improve energy efficiency.

Afternoon Demonstrations:

– Glazing and putty tooling.

– Sash and sill repairs.

This workshop is your chance to ask questions and get straight answers from an objective expert who will not try to sell you new replacement windows. Bring sash or photos of your windows and get advice. Bring your tools and materials to learn what works and what doesn’t. Meet the tradespeople who do the work. Meet the building owners own need the work done.

Instructor: John Leeke, Historic Building Specialist, helps owners, planners, tradespeople, contractors and architects understand and maintain their older and historic buildings. He is well known for his sensitive and practical approach. He has been saving historic buildings for 30 years and has personally repaired, restored, and preserved hundreds of windows and helped others save thousands more.

For more information or to register for the workshop, contact Joy Sears, Restoration Specialist, Oregon State Historic Preservation Office, 503-986-0688 or

Get a head start on the workshop with a visit to John’s website: Historic HomeWorks.

John Leeke is a specialist who helps owners, tradespeople, contractors and architects understand and maintain their older and historic buildings. Since the mid-1980’s John has been consulting on preservation projects nationally and sharing his knowledge by writing for national publications.


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