Posted by: wadahp | April 4, 2011


From Allyson Brooks, State Historic Preservation Officer…

Recently, I was threatened with a lynching party coming over the mountains for me.  In addition to that threat, we are also seeing an increase in verbal abuse of archaeological staff.  DAHP staff appreciate that these are tough times.  We recognize that resolving problems with our agency, or getting expedited technical support, may seem frustrating due to reduced staff hours and travel.  The budget situation has resulted in our being asked to do more by phone and e-mail.  With a threat of violence on the horizon, this seems like a good time to remind everyone that we are under as much pressure as everyone else.  Yelling at staff or making violent threats will not increase our budget, staff hours or ability to travel.  We want to assist you, and provide you with the best service possible.  But please, just remember to be civil.   We are all in this together.



  1. […] service possible.  But please, just remember to be civil.   We are all in this together.” (Allyson Brooks, Washington State Historic Preservation Officer, DAHP) (April […]

  2. So sorry this is happening. Sending thoughts of calm and civility to all.

  3. Knowing nothing about the situation that resulted in threats to DAHP staff, I can only say I am terribly sorry that such fine, hard-working, knowledgeable and invariably civil public servants are bearing the burden of such stress. I have the deepest respect for those at DAHP who have labored long under increasingly difficult circumstances. Know that many of us who have also served the public, and know the risks of doing so, honor you and the invaluable work that you do every day.

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