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As part of its 150th anniversary, Snohomish County is hoping to complete its catalog of Superior Court judge photographs now hanging in the Courthouse Building in Everett.

Of 44 Superior Court judges who have served Snohomish County since 1889, the year that Washington became a state, only three photographs are missing from the permanent display outside C-201, Snohomish County’s High Profile Courtroom.

Currently missing are Judge J.R. Winn (1889-1890), Judge Frank T. Reid (1897-1900) and Judge Guy C. Alston (1913-1935).

Recently, the Court completed a project to reposition the pictures so that it would be easier to move pictures when a judge retires and to add new judges as they are appointed or elected. The top row includes the current judges in order of seniority from left to right.

The next two rows include the judges as they have retired from the bench.

During the redesign, Snohomish County acquired missing pictures for retired, and now deceased, Judge W.W. Black and Walter P. Bell. Black was a member of the Elks and also served as prosecutor. Bell served as the first full-time State Attorney General.

Even though Snohomish County was created in 1861, Snohomish County did not have its own judges until 1889.

Since then, there have been 44 Superior Court Judges. The following Superior Court Judges are retired and still alive and well: Judges Alfred O. Holte, Dennis Britt, John Rutter, Robert Bibb, Paul Hansen, Kathryn Trumbull, Joseph Thibodeau, David Hulbert, Richard Thorpe and Gerald Knight. All of these retired judges still live in Snohomish County except for former Judge Alfred O. Holte, who lives in King County. Judge Stephen Dwyer, who lives in Snohomish County, is still a judge but sits on the Court of Appeals, Division One.

Judge Kathryn Trumbull was the first female judge named to the Snohomish County Superior Court.

Judge John Wilson (deceased) was Judge Joseph Wilson’s father and Judge Stuart French (deceased) was Judge Charles French’s (deceased) father. In addition, Judge John C. Denney was Judge Charles R. Denney’s father (both deceased). The Denney Juvenile Justice Center is named in honor of former Judge Charles R. Denney. Former Judge Walter P. Bell was not related to former Judge Ralph C. Bell.

If you have any information on how the Court can obtain photographs of the three missing judges – Judge J.R. Winn, Judge Frank T. Reid and Judge Guy C. Alston – please contact Bob Terwilliger, Superior Court administrator, at 425-388-3798 or


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