Posted by: wadahp | June 29, 2011


From Derek Chisholm (Preservation Consultant in Washington and Oregon) – to Allyson Brooks (SHPO):

Hegui Tulou

Kuikei Tulou

Tianluokeng group

As you may know, I am working in China for about a month. After presenting a couple of papers in Beijing, I have joined a group of mostly graduate students for a preservation project in rural Fujian Province. We are working on a preservation plan for Tianzhong village and its historic Tulous. Tulous are rammed earth buildings dating from 100 to 700 years old that were built by the Hakka people. (See low-res photos attached).

Today, the team started an inventory of the village’s built environment. A 3D model will be developed as well as an analysis of cultural preservation and cultural tourism issues. The team consists of some Masters and PhD students from Sichuan, Xiamen Universities, and the Universities of Venice, Oregon and Washington. I led the team in the inventory work. After letting them develop some drafts methods and procedures, I stepped in and facilitated the final version. We gathered data digitally with Trimble GPS devices which geocodes the location and is married with a range finder for triangulated measurements of the buildings.

Can you guess what other data we collected and how?

We used the DAHP Field Form!

Actually we modified it a little, and obviously won’t be submitting the information to you. But here I am in China giving a lecture on how to use your form, how it is the best of all the SHPOs with whom I have worked, and how you are building a digital database that is searchable by researchers and other historians. I thought that you would appreciate knowing.



  1. Fabulous! What a fascinating journey you are on. Must be great to work with such a diverse group and to learn so much about another culture and its architecture. Cant wait to see more photos upon your return. Thank you for sharing.

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