Posted by: wadahp | August 10, 2011


The Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation went live with a new website and integrated Blog today that we hope you will find useful!

So, at this point, this blog location is no longer active.  For those of you who are subscribers to the blog, we’ve done our best to bring those subscriptions over, however, for the other blog authors who followed our posts, you will have to reconnect with us!  If you were one of those folks who got notification each time we posted a new item, you may have to go into the new site and change your notification frequency – but my assumption is that you will just receive one email each day when we post new items on the blog.  If we don’t post, you won’t get an email.  So, posting comments on this “old” blog will no longer be monitored – I have moved comments to the new site from the last few days, though.

Here is the link to the new blog.

There are some really wonderful new resources that we are launching – such as the Style Guide and Architect Bio sections that State Architectural Historian, Michael Houser, has put together.  Find both of those topics under our new “Learn and Research” tab.  You’ll also find all of our Technical Preservation information (think: Window Restoration, Roof Restoration, Cemetery Preservation, etc.) in the Learn and Research section as well.  In the “Experience History” section, you will find links to other Heritage Organizations as well as some fun historic places for you to visit in Washington state.  We have loaded our tutorials for the online Historic Property Inventory system as well as the WISAARD tool onto the site as well.

In all reality, we want you to explore the site and let us know what you think!  Any suggestions for what we’ve missed? Let us know!


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