Posted by: wadahp | September 21, 2011


In a resolution signed by Governor Chris Gregoire last week, the month of October has been declared “Archaeology Month” in an effort to raise awareness of the importance of Cultural Resources to Washington State’s heritage.  In signing the resolution, Governor Gregoire said “I encourage all citizens to take time to learn more about the archaeology of our great state and the ways we can help protect this legacy for our children and future generations.”

In an effort to assist the citizens of the State of Washington to better understand archaeological resources, the Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation has joined with local area tribal nations, federal, state and local officials, local archaeological societies, universities, museums and private citizens to enhance the public awareness of the value of protecting Washington’s archaeological heritage.

In doing so, the Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation has prepared a calendar of events which is searchable on the home page of their website.  In the calendar of events visitors to the website will find either month-long events or exhibits; or they can click on a certain day of the week to see what special types of Archaeology month activities are planned for that day.  Nineteen organizations across the state are participating in Archaeology month by hosting nearly 30 special activities listed on the calendar so far.  State Historic Preservation Officer, Dr. Allyson Brooks, says “This year’s Archeology Month events will appeal to a broader range of interests than ever before including a docent-led bike ride through ice-age flood deposits to ghost stories being told around bonfires.”

For specific information about activities planned in your community, you can contact your local historical society or visit the Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation’s website.

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